Kohler Power Systems Generator Install

All Florida Contracting Services has the capability to design, acquire all necessary permitting  (including fuel and environmental), install mechanically and electrically all associated devices.

AFCS personnel’s combined years of experience in all facets of generator installation is over 75 years.

AFCS has three state licenses and has experience installing generators on a “turn-key” basis throughout Florida.

The basic questions that need to be answered are: what type of fuel – diesel, LP or natural gas to run the generator, the KW or power needed to run your facility, and the location of the generators.

Generator Installation Florida Keys

All Florida Contracting Services is familiar with the electrical and building code and the requirements for the generator installation. After the questions above have been answered, AFCS will create stamped/sealed engineering drawings for permitting. AFCS will perform the installation in three different steps. First, the generator pad and civil work will be completed. Next, the electrical work will be installed including the brains behind the system the auto transfer switch (ATS), and finally the fuel system will be completed.

The ATS (brains) in normal mode senses utility power. If the utility power fails, the ATS will send a signal to the generator to start and switch the ATS to back-up power. When utility power returns the ATS will sense the normal power is available and switch back to its original position.

AFCS not only installs the generator but project manages the entire job. Completing the permitting inspection process and training the customer in the operation and maintenance of the equipment.

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