AFCS is proficient in installing above ground (AG) and underground (UG) petroleum storage tanks and fuel dispensing equipment for Marina’s, Fueling Stations, Municipalities, Utilities and Industrial plants. Our capabilities include handling & excavation, concrete work, electrical, piping work and environmental cleanup. In addition, AFCS will dispose of the old tanks including all necessary paperwork needed for environmental agencies. AFCS differentiates itself from other installers because we hold all three licenses necessary to complete the work in-house. AFCS holds a State Pollutant Storage License (PCC1256894) for thefuel handling work, State General License (CGC1517560) for the project management and civil work, and a State Electrical License (EC0002256) for the electrical work.

AFCS experience extends to the use of fuel for back-up generators. We have the expertise to install fuel tanks (AG & UG) with all piping, day-tanks, valves, fittings necessary for a complete turn-key working system. Also, we can supply and install temporary tanks needed to keep a system operational while other work is taking place. AFCS can design, stamp/seal, and perform all permitting work necessary for all jurisdictions including cities, counties and state.

Furthermore, AFCS provides annual contracts for fuel tank maintenance. To insure proper operation of the system, certain maintenance and checks need to be performed. Please contact us for a quote for an annual fuel maintenance contract.

In addition to the installation of equipment, AFCS is a service group qualified to repair and fix any fuel problem that may arise. No job too small including loss of vacuum, piping leaks, redundant safety processes, upgrades, and bad fuel problems.

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