The park is a group of Islands located approximately 70 miles west south west of Key West, Florida. The fort was built between 1846 and 1875 to protect the nations southern and Gulf of Mexico borders.It was used briefly as a prison housing Dr. Mudd considered a coconspirator in the assignation of President Lincoln. It is now a historical and beautifully intriguing tourist destination. Most tourist come for a day, but there is camping available and a full time park staff attending to the site.

In order to supply electrical power to the facility the ground floor interior near the dormitories for the staff and off limit to guests are housed three generators. Each generator is capable of providing all the power consumed on the fort. They are used in a rotating basis to reduce wear and tear on each unit. The installation was unique because the generators and the associated appurtenances could not infringe on the exterior of the fort. Also, with the generators housed inside of the fort it created an engineering dilemma to supply enough air flow for the generators and expel the exhaust. Additionally, all materials had to be shipped over before installation began i.e. all screws, bolts, etc.