City of Plantation
Project: Water Treatment Plant Generator Upgrades
Description: Upgrade (3) Caterpillar to meet current Rice Neshap tier standards and remote radiators.

Two different sites were involved in this project. One site required replacing the existing exhaust with new Rice/Neshap silencers. This install also required custom built support for the new exhaust. Monitoring panels were installed to sample the exhaust in compliance with Rice/Neshap.

Additionally, we replaced the existing coolant system for the generators using the local water supply with remote radiators and associated piping.

The second site involved two generators in 2 locations. One required replacement on the roof of the existing exhaust with a new compliant silencer. A monitoring panel was installed in the generator room to sample the incoming and outgoing exhaust of the catalytic convertors. This installation also, required a remote radiator installation to replace the local water supply cooling system.

The other generator is an enclosed generator that required modifications to the enclosure to accommodate the Rice/Neshap exhaust system. The monitoring panel was installed inside the enclosure.